Memory Minutes

The Traditional Voices Group (TVG) is preserving our local heritage one story at a time by presenting Memory Minutes in our local newspaper and on local radio stations. These stories are based on interviews of people who grew up in this mountain region. The mission of the TVG’s Oral History Project is to collect and preserve those memories.

The Memory Minutes presented by the TVG are based strictly on memory which is very personal and fleeting, subject to change at the whim of the person relating it. It is not important to present accurate facts in these stories; more important is giving the listener and reader a glimpse of a lifestyle rapidly disappearing.

As our mountain lifestyle adapts to the 21st century and the region fills with newcomers, the descendants of the old mountain families express a desire to record the traditions and stories of their parents and grandparents. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, family life, religion, farming, mining, quilting, music, community events and stories handed down through generations, depicting our rural lifestyle before the coming of the computer and big box stores.

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